Terms of Service

Kindly ensure that you have gone through our terms and conditions page in entirety, along with our privacy policy page. Together they provide complete information on your roles and responsibilities as a user or member of www.groomingandspajobs.com, which will also be referred to as GSJ on this page on certain occasions. By Gaining access to our site, we consider that you confirm to our terms in full.


www.groomingandspajobs.com is meant for use by individuals to seek information about career prospects in the hair and beauty industry and applying for jobs accordingly. It also intends at helping individuals and companies from hair and beauty industry, willing to promote their business or industry through this website in accordance with the law. It allows the recruiters to post suitable jobs, look for candidates, and contact the suitable ones. 

GSB authorizes you to download the content contained on its site for the sole purpose as stated here. You understand that any unauthorized use or distribution of the content in electronic or other format of its website may infringe copyright and trademark laws.


  • You need to register with GSJ as a candidate or jobseeker if you wish to avail its benefits. While doing so, you agree to provide accurate, authentic and complete information. 
  • You will get to upload your photo that holds close resemblance to your current appearance. You will be also given the opportunity to embed a ‘video CV’ link on your candidate profile for better visibility of your candidature to recruiters.
  • You agree not to upload any offensive photo or embed a video CV link, which is irrelevant to this website and in seeking employment.  You also abide by our terms and conditions not to publish any abusive, threatening, defamatory or sexually explicit content.
  • You agree to disclose your information including your photo and the embedded video link to third parties by registering with us. 
  • We are not responsible if a recruiter or downloads your video or your photo without your permission. 
  • We are not responsible if anyone recruiter downloads your photo or video to fulfill his business purpose without your knowledge, or uses the same for any illicit purpose. 
  • If you don’t want your name, contact information and other details to be visible to recruiters accessing our candidate database, you are responsible to change the privacy settings of your account on our website accordingly.
  • You also confirm to remain responsible for securing your login credentials and prohibiting their access to any third parties.
  • We are not liable for any information published by any recruiter, company or any third party regarding job posting or company details, which are false.
  • You are responsible to check the authenticity of any job posting which you find suitable to apply in.
  • GSJ is in no way involved in any of the job selection procedures of the candidates. We do not take any responsibility for the conduct of a recruiter or employer during selection.



As a recruitment agency, we require you to register with us and while doing so, you agree to provide accurate, authentic and complete information. 

  1. While registering, you will need to set personal login credentials for your account. You agree to secure your login credentials and avoid accessing the same by any third parties. 
  2. If your login details get compromised, you are responsible to intimate us about the same, so that we can change and issue new login credentials for your account. 
  3. You hereby agree to advertise only genuine job vacancies for lawful positions within companies that abide by the law. 
  4. You agree to put off your job advertisement if the job vacancy fills up before the expiring date of the advert.
  5. You as a recruiter are solely responsible for the content you are providing in your company profile or in the job posting. 
  6. You much check that the content you are posting is not defamatory, discriminatory, misleading or in any way, maligns the reputation of GSJ. 
  7. In any such instance where you go out of the law, we reserve the right to remove your job advert, company profile or even block you from accessing our website without any prior warning.
  8. GSJ does not guarantee the recruiters the suitability of the applying candidates. It is not responsible for any misleading claim made by the candidate related to the job they are applying for. 
  9. It is the responsibility of the recruiter to verify the academic and professional eligibility of the candidate and any other claim made by the candidate in response to your job advertisement. You are responsible for the conducting of interviews, tests, of the candidates. 
  10. We are not liable for any harm or damage occurred to your reputation or asset during your recruitment process on the part of any misbehavior by the candidate.


As a recruitment agency, we require you to register with us and while doing so, you agree to provide accurate, authentic and complete information. 

  1. The recruiter agrees that GSJ does not guarantee a response to your job advertisements from candidates or suitable applications. There will be no refund in context with the quality or volume of candidate applications to a job advertisement.
  2. The job adverts of the recruiters will remain visible to job applications on our website for 30 days. If your job advert is withdrawn or the position is filled before the end of the 30-day cycle, there will be no refund in part or in full. 


As a recruitment agency, we require you to register with us and while doing so, you agree to provide accurate, authentic and complete information. 

  1. The recruiter agrees to use the candidate database only for contacting the suitable candidates with reference to a job advert. Contacting the candidate without any purpose is against our terms and conditions contract.
  2. You agree to use any information received through email facility or from candidate database securely and in strict compliance with the data protection law, only for the sake of candidate employment for vacant job positions.
  3. We allow you the access to candidate database only for use by your company. Granting access to, selling, or supplying information of our candidate database to any third party, in part or in full will be considered copyright violation and hence against the law.


www.groomingandspajobs.com takes no responsibility or liability for any damage, financial loss, whether economic or physical, or to the reputation of any recruiter or candidate experienced by the use of website. This includes any sort of loss or damage due to a computer virus or any other malware, spyware, adware, etc., compromising the data and security of the website.