Job Seeker Benefits

GroomingAndSpaJobs is a brand new concept that combines best-in-class technology with massive Employer reach to make sure Job Seekers get what they need. As a platform, GroomingAndSpaJobs features allows candidates to standout from the crowd with the features such as Video Introduction, social media profile attachment and ability to connect you to renowned brand names as employers and their job postings.

Here are the Job Seeker benefits:

  • Build a unique profile to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Follow Companies for updates and Job Postings
  • Customized job alerts and follow companies you want to work for
  • Block any company or stay hidden
  • Track your job application and status
  • Professional CV and profile advice and editing/creationWhat all we do for you?

What all we do for you?

  • CV Inspection
  • CV Rewriting
  • CV Reformat
  • Recommendations
  • Detailed report on the changes done

GroomingAndSpaJobs has a world of features and services for the job seeker to benefit from. Contact us today!