No, is free to use for job seekers to create their profile and apply for jobs.

First you need to register and verify your account. After doing this and logging-on, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile. You can come back to editing your profile at any time by selecting the ‘Profile’ tab from the top of the page.

Be sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you are still having issues logging-on, then please email with your query.

The basic information required to apply for jobs needs to be filled in first. Click ‘Profile’ after logging-on to complete your profile before applying for jobs.

You can do this by clicking ‘Get some help from a professional CV writer’ either from your dashboard or profile page.

This is information is required by and employers to ensure we match you with the most appropriate job opportunities for job roles.

Yes you can. You do this by editing your privacy settings. Just click your name in the top right-hand corner after logging-in to your account. Then click ‘Privacy’ from the drop-down list that appears. From the privacy page, you can choose to block information including your nationality, salary, date of birth and other information.

This feature is currently unavailable as employers can only view profiles of job seekers who have applied to their job adverts. The option to search for profiles on our website is currently unavailable.

No, this is completely optional. Again, it’s a great tool to help differentiate yourself and help stand out from the crowd.

This shows how complete your profile is. The higher the percentage, the more likely it is that your profile will grab the attention of potential employers.

Job profiles are essentially ‘live’. This means, if you edit any information of your profile, it will automatically update your current and past applications.

Once you are logged-in to your job seeker account, click profile from the top of the page. You can add a video link by inputting the details just above ‘profile strength’. Employers will be able to view your video introduction each time they view your profile.

Video introductions add a more personalized touch to your job application. It gives you the chance to sell yourself, to increase your chances of being selected for interview. It could be the key differentiator to help you stand out in a competitive job market! It will also give the employer the opportunity to assess your communication skills and give them a sense of your personality, essentially meeting you before the interview.

When you log-in to your job seeker account, you can view the status of each job application. Click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab to return to this page at any time. Job status is based on the activity of the employer user – if they are updating the system properly, then you will be able to track your job applications accurately.

This shows the employer has rejected your application, either based on pre-set filters, or after viewing your profile. It may not always be possible for employers to go into detail about why you have been rejected for a job role, due to the huge number of job applicants received. We encourage job seekers to only apply for job roles that specifically match your experience to avoid being rejected.

Following a company or job poster will create a job alert, notifying you every time a suitable opportunity becomes available based on the items you have selected. You can edit these notifications at any time from the ‘job alerts’ page. Employers are also able to view their followers, essentially creating an online database of candidates which the employer can view at any time.

You can do this by clicking the ‘Job Alerts’ tab after logging-on. You can create job alerts by company, job poster or job role. Job alerts can also be created by saving a search from the job search page. Simply click ‘set job alert’. You can edit the settings of this job alert at any time from the job alerts page.

You can change the frequency of job alerts from the job alerts page. Simply click the ‘Job Alerts’ tab after logging-on. By default, job alerts are set as weekly. You can change this to daily, monthly, or delete the job alert to stop receiving notifications.

You can save a job post either from the job search page or when viewing a job post itself. You can go back to saved jobs by clicking your name in the top right hand corner after logging-in to your account, then select ‘Saved jobs’ from the drop-down list.

You can do this on the job search page or when viewing the job post itself. Just click ‘Share’, giving you options for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Email.

You can search by job role, job type, industry & date posted. You can further refine your search by job location, years of experience, company and salary.

Source is how the job was recommended to you. There are two different types of sources; 1 is the job seeker finding the job posting through our website, represented by the globe / internet icon. 2 is a job seeker being referred for a job role, represented by the ‘person’ icon.

No – this is not a social media website. We do not allow you to connect with other job seekers and all profiles are confidential from one another.

We hope you don’t need to! You can firstly block your profile from being viewed by anyone, by selecting the appropriate setting from the privacy page. However, in the event you need to delete your account, just click ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down list that appears after clicking your name. You need to be logged in to your account in-order to do this. Here you will find the option to delete your account.